Nathcelly plans to improve Florida’s economy by: investing in Vo-Tech training with a direct path to employment; eliminate regulations that stifle small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs; make sure large corporations are paying their fair share in taxes.


Nathcelly believes healthcare is a right, not a luxury. He will ensure all Floridians have access to affordable healthcare; fight for the Medicaid expansion under the ACA; invest in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates; promote preventative care and regular check-ups.


Nathcelly believes we must invest in public schools instead of privatizing education; improve early childhood education; create affordable college to reduce excessive student debt; recruit and retain talented educators by providing support and fair compensation.


Environmental issues directly impact Florida’s economy. Nathcelly supports: investing in infrastructure to hurricane-proof our cities; protecting our aquifer from pollution and our coastline from rising sea levels; support a ban on offshore drilling along with investing in a clean energy economy.

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