As a husband and father of two, I decided to run for office after the school shooting in Parkland.  I am determined to be a voice of reason in Tallahassee and refuse to accept that the NRA will dictate how Florida confronts gun violence in our communities.  It is time to stop electing people who represent special interests, over the best interests of our families and communities.  I am committed to refusing campaign donations from corporate PACs or lobbying groups.  Funded by citizens, I will prioritize the needs of Nassau and Duval Counties ahead of the demands of wealthy donors and corporations.

Growing up in a multicultural household, I witnessed firsthand how irresponsible rhetoric from political leaders can create a hostile environment for children.  Because of this unique background, I will work tirelessly to build bridges between all communities to ensure no child in America grows up feeling unwanted.

While attending the University of Florida I studied Chemistry and Business Administration.  Because of my science background, I will fight to ensure our state government begins to take seriously the risks associated with rising tides and polluted water. In addition I understand that well-run businesses must embrace new technologies and use scientific research to inform their decisions to ensure success.

I have called Northeast Florida home for over 30 years and have a vested interest in seeing the First Coast thrive. My wife and I plan to open our own small business on Amelia Island and are proud to see our children learn and grow in the same schools we attended.  I will work day and night for you and your family to secure a better tomorrow for Northeast Florida.

My name is Nathcelly Leroy Rohrbaugh, let’s embrace Florida’s future together!


Nathcelly understands the struggles that confront Florida families on a daily basis.  For too long, our elected officials in Tallahassee have neglected their obligations to the people of Florida.  When elected, Nathcelly will ensure Tallahassee works for you.


Nathcelly plans to improve Florida’s economy by: investing in Vo-Tech training with a direct path to employment; eliminate regulations that stifle small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs; make sure large corporations are paying their fair share in taxes.


Nathcelly believes healthcare is a right, not a luxury.  He will ensure all Floridians have access to affordable healthcare; fight for the Medicaid expansion under the ACA; invest in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates; promote preventative care and regular check-ups.


Nathcelly believes we must invest in public schools instead of privatizing education;  improve early childhood education; create affordable college to reduce excessive student debt; recruit and retain talented educators by providing support and fair compensation.


Environmental issues directly impact Florida’s economy.  Nathcelly supports: investing in infrastructure to hurricane-proof our cities; protecting our aquifer from pollution and our coastline from rising sea levels; support a ban on offshore drilling along with investing in a clean energy economy.

I do not support nor would I have voted for HB 631.  The beaches and shorelines are one of Florida’s greatest resources – especially in our area — and should be protected, preserved and remain free and open to everyone.  Once elected, I will work to preserve and protect beach access in Florida and amend HB 631. –Nathcelly Rohrbaugh

Nathcelly has called Northeast Florida home for 30 years.  He will work day and night for you and your family to secure a better tomorrow for Northeast Florida.  Let’s embrace Florida’s future together and elect Nathcelly Leroy Rohrbaugh to represent us in Tallahassee next year!

Next Steps…

With every dollar donated you help provide the resources we need to elect Nathcelly to lead Florida’s District 11 toward a bright future with endless possibilities!